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Top 10 Myths About Porn

Learn about what is true and false in the porn industry:

It develops an addiction

There are opinions that regular porn online can be like a drug. Maybe yes, maybe no. It all depends on the person, his/her personal life and lovemaking, interests, health. Be a wise user!

Actresses reach orgasm easily and simply

Of course, it is not. In a real life, to present true delight to your beloved, you need to try hard. According to experts, on average, it takes about 20 minutes. Men, by the way, reach the peak of pleasure twice as fast. But keep in mind that you watch a video, not backstage.

Everyone loves anal sex

Only professionals take part in pornography with the mark “anal”. They know how to prepare for such scenes and what techniques to use during intercourse. The lack of such knowledge can not only bring discomfort to a partner but can even cause pain.


They all pretend. Really? About 15% of moans of delight in “adult content” are absolutely real. But this is acting and there are some techniques to make your impression brighter.

Synchronous orgasm

It’s possible, but only in certain cases. To achieve mutual orgasm almost simultaneously is very easy only on the screen. In order to verify this, it is simply to analyze the rate at which sexual pleasure is achieved among males and females.

Porn actors are no different from us

Stars and newbies who act in porn do their work. They should pretend to have a good time, even if it’s not. Do not forget that such content is, first of all, an entertainment product, and not instructions for use. Moreover, the actors have always required special training and the ability to simulate the act and enjoy it on camera.

Foreplay is a waste of time

Characters for adult films get down to business 30 seconds after the first kiss (and sometimes do without it). In this regard, it is worth remembering a quote from the comedy “American Pie”: “We need to preheat the oven before putting a turkey in there.”

Ejaculation on the female face

Or on the boobs. In porn, such scenes are usually like a cherry on the cake. But in life, it is worth asking your partner how she relates to this. Obviously, not everyone likes this. And on backstage, you will learn about Pina Colada or face gel.

Home fun

People watch it during the long home evening. But statistics don’t tell so. According to recent studies, in the USA  70% of all local pornography traffic on the Internet is going just on weekdays from on working hours.

Producers look like bankers or top managers

In fact, they look like ordinary IT specialists in T-shirt & jeans, because of most of the work being executed behind a computer monitor.

With this new facts, your viewing experience will be cooler because will appreciate all the efforts by cast and crew.

The Most Ridiculous Requests in Google Related to Porn

Are people crazy? What are they thinking about? It is up to you to decide. Especially after reading some much-unexpected requests in Google which are related to porn:

  • sex cat sees its reaction;
  • porn with a tree;
  • man biting his nails having sex;
  • god of porn without arms and legs;
  • sex without arms, legs, and eyes;
  • dick in a jar.

While we can’t be surprised with so strange desires, let’s us observe some strange question concerning coitus. Some people believe that the Internet and Google know everything. Here is the list:

  • When is the best time to have sex without protection?
  • Why during copulating a man asks to show the teeth?
  • Why during lovemaking both partners feel sick?
  • Why my man has not changed his position for 6 years in a row?
  • At what moment to scratch male’s back in lovemaking?

Seriously, we didn’t even guess how cat influences the physical love of partners. How to love tree is also a mystery… Often requests about porn and sex are associated with religion and zodiac sign. Another popular topic is the search for the interpretation of erotic dreams or scenes seen in porn. From the requests, it is clear that most girls dream about sex with former, foreign men and … other girls.

In general, girls are interested in health and safety issues, looking for information about the cycle, pregnancy, and childbirth, they want to better understand the partner, learn to be attractive for him and surprise.

More Interesting Facts

But what about other statistics? In 2015, a study was published on the basis of several major porn resources which interests in the world of porn women have. As it turned out, women make up about 24% of the audience of porno-resources (f. e, in Russia this figure is 25%, and the largest data in the Philippines and Brazil are 35% in Both).

It turned out that the most popular sections of porn sites among women are “Lesbians”, “Gays” and “Big Penises”. And the most popular queries are “Lesbians”, “Threesome” and “Squirt”. In this regard, it is important to observe that women have little interest in the standard approach to porn which is focused on men and traditionally offers the prospect of an active guy and a passive girl. Most likely, women dare to consider not the plots where a guy fucks the girl for his pleasure, but that the girl gets pleasure from sex too. This way a feminist criticism of porn gets a plus to karma.

The most popular female for both men and women has been Kim Kardashian. She holds the first line with a large margin.

What Additional Software Need For VR devices?

Plunging into VR, the user experiences sensations as close as possible to those that accompany him/her in the real world. The greater is the degree of immersion, the stronger is the sense of the reality of all that is happening. The development of VR technology occurs continuously. We can say that the first example of this phenomenon was silent films. For viewers of those years, the picture seemed extremely realistic. Today, various gadgets are used to dive into the virtual world xxxreal, among which VR glasses occupy a special place.

After you have got all the devices & accessories for your smartphone, the next step is to take care of the availability of appropriate apps and games. Starting with art and science and ending with porn. In this article, we try to explore what can help you on your way of gaming & video pleasure. VR breakthrough is the main achievement of the last decades. Learn what programs may increase your feelings and sensuality:

Google Cardboard

Have you doubted its effectiveness and usefulness? This is a brand name, in fact. The program is designed for novice users. It supports work with accessories such as Google Cardboard and similar models. The application has a number of built-in services, such as:

  • Google Earth;
  • a convenient video player;
  • photosphere.

Also, there are demos of some three-dimensional objects. In addition, the application has a built-in directory of games and apps, making it much easier for the user to search for new content.

AAA VR Cinema Video Player

This is a perfect application, a video player for Android smartphones, with which you can view VR multimedia content stored in your device’s memory. The advantage of the program is its simple and accessible interface. It is enough to download three-dimensional video on a gadget’s memory card, after which you can view it with the help of this player.

Software supports video with an orientation to viewing in 180 and 360 degrees, as well as tracking the position of the user’s head. This allows you to get the highest quality image. AAA VR is distributed free of charge, which envisages you to experience it at work for everyone.

Fulldive VR

This soft is an extensive catalog of VR multimedia content of various subjects. Here you will find photos and videos, clips and movies. With the program, you will get a unique chance to experience the effect of maximum immersion in the virtual world. In addition to the huge amount of all kinds of content, the application core also contains subsections with directories of the exciting games. Go ahead just now.

So install and enjoy your sessions! Be thankful to people who used their talent and unique knowledge to create this super world. Be a real geek.

Who is The “Bald One of the Brazzers”?

He is a famous American porn actor and fitness instructor. A real celebrity who enjoys people and is loved in different countries. All this is about Johnny Sins, a very handsome and hot man, with a brand stunning baldness.

His real name is Steve Wolfe. His talent became known on the Internet due to the fact that he regularly played a porn character of different professions. In total, he appeared in 711 films and about 2200 scenes, in which he acted such characters as:

  • a doctor;
  • a pizza delivery man;
  • a plumber;
  • a policeman;
  • a school teacher;
  • and many others.

Here some interesting facts about him:

  • He was born in Pennsylvania, the USA;
  • In winter 2018 he turned 40 years old;
  • He is an icon of Brazzers website for adults;
  • In  2015 Pornhub launched a fundraiser for pornography in space. The leading roles were supposed to go to Johnny Sins and Eva Lovia. However, the project collected 7% of the planned amount of 3.4 million dollars and was canceled;
  • He starred in the PornHub video, in which he with his colleagues read negative reviews about himself. The audience criticized Sins’s bald head and lamented the fact that they still had to watch videos with his participation since he always gets the most seductive girls. In addition, actress Bridgette B was told that she had a spelling mistake in the tattoo, Keisha Gray was advised to install braces;
  • Several times received AVN Award or so-called porn Oscar for the best male actor performance, including Most Outrageous Sex Scene;
  • In 2015 he received a nomination “Dick of the Year”;
  • The actor had numerous promotional activities in Russia, including burger advertising and profile in local social media.

Hot IQ

Why he? What it is a secret of his popularity? Let’s figure out what science says. F. e., according to statistics, 40 percent of women consider men with bald heads to be sexy. Hollywood actors Bruce Willis or Vin Diesel – all of them have been repeatedly called sex symbols. What is the secret of magic baldness, and why is it so attractive for some women and men?

It is believed that bald men are not only sexy but also have an outstanding intellect. Scientists claim that the lack of hair on the head is a sign of high mental activity. Nevertheless, some doctors and psychologists consider this idea to be a subconscious effect of stereotypes.

But evidence of the sexuality of bald men medicine still has. In the middle of the 20th century, Dr. James Hamilton found that excess male hormone testosterone, a large amount of which causes a desire for active sexual activity, can lead to baldness. This usually occurs from 18–20 years and reaches a peak at 35.

We think that the actor attracts viewers first of all by the good sense of humor. He is a very easy-going person and does everything with a smile and joke. It’s a real talent in our hectic world and no wonder that people do appreciate this.

Hollywood Movies About Porn Industry

A big cinema couldn’t turn a blind eye on the porn industry. Learn the best Hollywood movies about the difficult everyday life of porn stars and filmmakers for adults.

The number of them is not impressive, but mostly they are divided into two genres:

  • a light comedy with obscenities (but still rather chaste);
  • a story about the twists of fortune. After watching you feel sorry for the unfortunate participants of everyday coitus and urgently look for vacancies with the easier job.

Read about some most interesting of them:


The movie is based on real events. Beautiful blonde Amanda Seyfried plays, perhaps, the most famous porn actress Linda Lovelace, a burning brunette, by the way. Even if you did not watch the classics of the genre, you still have heard the name “Deep Throat.” The fame and fate of the top actress of porn hits are all this story is about.

As is clear from the trailer, the woman is unhappy, frightened by producers, beaten by directors, but still dreaming of pure and high values. The audience did not appreciate performance by Seyfried. The movie failed.


This is a story about the newbie porn star. The girl Angelina, who later received the nickname Cherry, dreamt about bright future and achievements in the cinema world. The author of this sentimental and confused film is a porn actress herself. Lorelei Lee created the central character of herself, beloved and experienced. However, the knowledge of the “inner kitchen” did not save the picture from devastating criticism.

“Middle Men”

So, now about something funny. Well, how successful can be a comedy on a real criminal story, with terrorists, the Russian mafia and really big money? George Gallo, who produced just such uncomplicated criminal-rollicking comedies, came out with somewhat better. Especially in those moments when the characters hint on Steve Jobs. Of course, the movie will be incomplete without this digital icon, because it tells about the emerging of Internet porn.

“Notorious Betty Page”

Here we see another hot superstar who emerged twenty years earlier than Linda Lovelace and her sensual, vicious mouth. The film tells in detail and boringly the story of the teacher’s transformation into a model for adult magazines. You may guess that glory in porn turned into an unhappy personal life, numerous lawsuits in court for “insulting feelings” and prolonged treatment in a psychiatric clinic.

However, nowadays is a new age and time to stories with a happy end.