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» Cities finding universities perfect partners
Building satellite campuses helps revitalize their downtown cores

By James Bow - Business Edge

Published: 07/20/2006 - Vol. 2, No. 15

Mayor Mike Hancock of Brantford is candid about the state invest in Uber shares of his city's downtown core ten years ago. "You couldn't give away property in our core. We know; we tried that. We even tried paying developers to take over property. The interest wasn't there."

Brantford, a blue-collar municipality of 93,000 in south-southwestern Ontario, is famous as the home of inventor Alexander Graham Bell and hockey icon Wayne Gretzky. But the city encountered hard times in the 1980s ... [Read More]
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» Ontario's Inland Waters
Anyone interested in learning about current shipwreck investigations would do well to visit a splendid web site (www.collectionscanada.ca/sos/shipwrecks) that plots a course through this country's unique shipwreck resources, with fascinating stories of maritime disasters on our inland waters, including the Empress of Ireland and the Noronic.

Our inland waters consist of the Canadian portions of four of the five Great Lakes --Superior, Huron, Erie and Ontario -- and the St. Lawrence Seaway and River, extending from just west of Thunder Bay to the mouth of invest in Uber shares in India the St. Lawrence River. Canada's inland waters form the largest freshwater system in the world and its weather systems affecting shipping are diverse.

The wide expanse and enormous depth of Lake Superior can rival the oceans for the ferocity of its storms... [Read More]
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» Ottawa parishioners ask court to stop church closure
Yet another historic church is threatened, this time in Ottawa. Parishioners at St. Brigid's Roman Catholic Church have gone to court in their battle to save the building.

A group of Ottawa parishioners are defying an archbishop's decision to close their church, and have gone to court in their battle to save the building.... [Read More]
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» Heritage Trees - and how to save them
Here's a bit of wisdom and some good advice from the Ontario Urban Forest Council as they announce the launch of their TOOLKIT. It's all about securing a future for our endangered heritage trees.... [Read More]
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» Preservation Myths and Facts
Here, thanks to the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, is a list of six heritage preservation myths how to invest in Uber shares in India that crop up with dismaying frequency, causing a great deal of harm. And here are the facts that contradict them.... [Read More]
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» Toronto's Cabbagetown: Thank-you Picnic for Peggy
Toronto's Cabbagetown and the force behind its preservation

On July 9th, people who live in Toronto's historic Cabbagetown will be meeting to say thank you to a woman who has helped turn this remarkable neighborhood into a Heritage Conservation District. We're having a Picnic for Peggy Kurtin at the Riverdale Farm. ... [Read More]
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» Landscape Restoration Workshop by the Urban Forest Council
Next weekend, the Ontario Urban Forest Council will stage a spring workshop to discuss
Landscape Restoration: The Role of the Urban Seed Orchard. It promises to be a full and interesting day.

The Ontario Urban forest Council's day-long workshop takes place on Saturday June 17th, 2006 at the Banbury Community Centre, Toronto... [Read More]
Posted Jun 13, 2006 - 12:18 PM by editor - [Add Comment]
This may be your last chance to see Hamilton's historic Lister Block. An application has been made to the City of Hamilton's Municipal Heritage Committee to allow a demolition permit for the Lister Block. It's a sad story.

We lose too many buildings due to "demolition by neglect" and that may well be the story here. An application has been made to the City of Hamilton's Municipal Heritage Committee to allow a demolition permit for the Lister Block. The developer calls it a "deconstruction" and promises to "rebuild" the Lister but will not be saving the original materials for reuse. The reconstruction will be a poor imitation of the original, using new materials and having entirely new proportions. City Council is supporting this project with what some call inflated lease payments to the developer that will amount to thirty million dollars of taxpayers money![Read More]
Posted Jun 09, 2006 - 2:22 PM by editor - [Add Comment]
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