Plunging into VR, the user experiences sensations as close as possible to those that accompany him/her in the real world. The greater is the degree of immersion, the stronger is the sense of the reality of all that is happening. The development of VR technology occurs continuously. We can say that the first example of this phenomenon was silent films. For viewers of those years, the picture seemed extremely realistic. Today, various gadgets are used to dive into the virtual world xxxreal, among which VR glasses occupy a special place.

After you have got all the devices & accessories for your smartphone, the next step is to take care of the availability of appropriate apps and games. Starting with art and science and ending with porn. In this article, we try to explore what can help you on your way of gaming & video pleasure. VR breakthrough is the main achievement of the last decades. Learn what programs may increase your feelings and sensuality:

Google Cardboard

Have you doubted its effectiveness and usefulness? This is a brand name, in fact. The program is designed for novice users. It supports work with accessories such as Google Cardboard and similar models. The application has a number of built-in services, such as:

  • Google Earth;
  • a convenient video player;
  • photosphere.

Also, there are demos of some three-dimensional objects. In addition, the application has a built-in directory of games and apps, making it much easier for the user to search for new content.

AAA VR Cinema Video Player

This is a perfect application, a video player for Android smartphones, with which you can view VR multimedia content stored in your device’s memory. The advantage of the program is its simple and accessible interface. It is enough to download three-dimensional video on a gadget’s memory card, after which you can view it with the help of this player.

Software supports video with an orientation to viewing in 180 and 360 degrees, as well as tracking the position of the user’s head. This allows you to get the highest quality image. AAA VR is distributed free of charge, which envisages you to experience it at work for everyone.

Fulldive VR

This soft is an extensive catalog of VR multimedia content of various subjects. Here you will find photos and videos, clips and movies. With the program, you will get a unique chance to experience the effect of maximum immersion in the virtual world. In addition to the huge amount of all kinds of content, the application core also contains subsections with directories of the exciting games. Go ahead just now.

So install and enjoy your sessions! Be thankful to people who used their talent and unique knowledge to create this super world. Be a real geek.