He is a famous American porn actor and fitness instructor. A real celebrity who enjoys people and is loved in different countries. All this is about Johnny Sins, a very handsome and hot man, with a brand stunning baldness.

His real name is Steve Wolfe. His talent became known on the Internet due to the fact that he regularly played a porn character of different professions. In total, he appeared in 711 films and about 2200 scenes, in which he acted such characters as:

  • a doctor;
  • a pizza delivery man;
  • a plumber;
  • a policeman;
  • a school teacher;
  • and many others.

Here some interesting facts about him:

  • He was born in Pennsylvania, the USA;
  • In winter 2018 he turned 40 years old;
  • He is an icon of Brazzers website for adults;
  • In  2015 Pornhub launched a fundraiser for pornography in space. The leading roles were supposed to go to Johnny Sins and Eva Lovia. However, the project collected 7% of the planned amount of 3.4 million dollars and was canceled;
  • He starred in the PornHub video, in which he with his colleagues read negative reviews about himself. The audience criticized Sins’s bald head and lamented the fact that they still had to watch videos with his participation since he always gets the most seductive girls. In addition, actress Bridgette B was told that she had a spelling mistake in the tattoo, Keisha Gray was advised to install braces;
  • Several times received AVN Award or so-called porn Oscar for the best male actor performance, including Most Outrageous Sex Scene;
  • In 2015 he received a nomination “Dick of the Year”;
  • The actor had numerous promotional activities in Russia, including burger advertising and profile in local social media.

Hot IQ

Why he? What it is a secret of his popularity? Let’s figure out what science says. F. e., according to statistics, 40 percent of women consider men with bald heads to be sexy. Hollywood actors Bruce Willis or Vin Diesel – all of them have been repeatedly called sex symbols. What is the secret of magic baldness, and why is it so attractive for some women and men?

It is believed that bald men are not only sexy but also have an outstanding intellect. Scientists claim that the lack of hair on the head is a sign of high mental activity. Nevertheless, some doctors and psychologists consider this idea to be a subconscious effect of stereotypes.

But evidence of the sexuality of bald men medicine still has. In the middle of the 20th century, Dr. James Hamilton found that excess male hormone testosterone, a large amount of which causes a desire for active sexual activity, can lead to baldness. This usually occurs from 18–20 years and reaches a peak at 35.

We think that the actor attracts viewers first of all by the good sense of humor. He is a very easy-going person and does everything with a smile and joke. It’s a real talent in our hectic world and no wonder that people do appreciate this.