A big cinema couldn’t turn a blind eye on the porn industry. Learn the best Hollywood movies about the difficult everyday life of porn stars and filmmakers for adults.

The number of them is not impressive, but mostly they are divided into two genres:

  • a light comedy with obscenities (but still rather chaste);
  • a story about the twists of fortune. After watching you feel sorry for the unfortunate participants of everyday coitus and urgently look for vacancies with the easier job.

Read about some most interesting of them:


The movie is based on real events. Beautiful blonde Amanda Seyfried plays, perhaps, the most famous porn actress Linda Lovelace, a burning brunette, by the way. Even if you did not watch the classics of the genre, you still have heard the name “Deep Throat.” The fame and fate of the top actress of porn hits are all this story is about.

As is clear from the trailer, the woman is unhappy, frightened by producers, beaten by directors, but still dreaming of pure and high values. The audience did not appreciate performance by Seyfried. The movie failed.


This is a story about the newbie porn star. The girl Angelina, who later received the nickname Cherry, dreamt about bright future and achievements in the cinema world. The author of this sentimental and confused film is a porn actress herself. Lorelei Lee created the central character of herself, beloved and experienced. However, the knowledge of the “inner kitchen” did not save the picture from devastating criticism.

“Middle Men”

So, now about something funny. Well, how successful can be a comedy on a real criminal story, with terrorists, the Russian mafia and really big money? George Gallo, who produced just such uncomplicated criminal-rollicking comedies, came out with somewhat better. Especially in those moments when the characters hint on Steve Jobs. Of course, the movie will be incomplete without this digital icon, because it tells about the emerging of Internet porn.

“Notorious Betty Page”

Here we see another hot superstar who emerged twenty years earlier than Linda Lovelace and her sensual, vicious mouth. The film tells in detail and boringly the story of the teacher’s transformation into a model for adult magazines. You may guess that glory in porn turned into an unhappy personal life, numerous lawsuits in court for “insulting feelings” and prolonged treatment in a psychiatric clinic.

However, nowadays is a new age and time to stories with a happy end.