Learn about what is true and false in the porn industry:

It develops an addiction

There are opinions that regular porn online can be like a drug. Maybe yes, maybe no. It all depends on the person, his/her personal life and lovemaking, interests, health. Be a wise user!

Actresses reach orgasm easily and simply

Of course, it is not. In a real life, to present true delight to your beloved, you need to try hard. According to experts, on average, it takes about 20 minutes. Men, by the way, reach the peak of pleasure twice as fast. But keep in mind that you watch a video, not backstage.

Everyone loves anal sex

Only professionals take part in pornography with the mark “anal”. They know how to prepare for such scenes and what techniques to use during intercourse. The lack of such knowledge can not only bring discomfort to a partner but can even cause pain.


They all pretend. Really? About 15% of moans of delight in “adult content” are absolutely real. But this is acting and there are some techniques to make your impression brighter.

Synchronous orgasm

It’s possible, but only in certain cases. To achieve mutual orgasm almost simultaneously is very easy only on the screen. In order to verify this, it is simply to analyze the rate at which sexual pleasure is achieved among males and females.

Porn actors are no different from us

Stars and newbies who act in porn do their work. They should pretend to have a good time, even if it’s not. Do not forget that such content is, first of all, an entertainment product, and not instructions for use. Moreover, the actors have always required special training and the ability to simulate the act and enjoy it on camera.

Foreplay is a waste of time

Characters for adult films get down to business 30 seconds after the first kiss (and sometimes do without it). In this regard, it is worth remembering a quote from the comedy “American Pie”: “We need to preheat the oven before putting a turkey in there.”

Ejaculation on the female face

Or on the boobs. In porn, such scenes are usually like a cherry on the cake. But in life, it is worth asking your partner how she relates to this. Obviously, not everyone likes this. And on backstage, you will learn about Pina Colada or face gel.

Home fun

People watch it during the long home evening. But statistics don’t tell so. According to recent studies, in the USA  70% of all local pornography traffic on the Internet is going just on weekdays from on working hours.

Producers look like bankers or top managers

In fact, they look like ordinary IT specialists in T-shirt & jeans, because of most of the work being executed behind a computer monitor.

With this new facts, your viewing experience will be cooler because will appreciate all the efforts by cast and crew.