Are people crazy? What are they thinking about? It is up to you to decide. Especially after reading some much-unexpected requests in Google which are related to porn:

  • sex cat sees its reaction;
  • porn with a tree;
  • man biting his nails having sex;
  • god of porn without arms and legs;
  • sex without arms, legs, and eyes;
  • dick in a jar.

While we can’t be surprised with so strange desires, let’s us observe some strange question concerning coitus. Some people believe that the Internet and Google know everything. Here is the list:

  • When is the best time to have sex without protection?
  • Why during copulating a man asks to show the teeth?
  • Why during lovemaking both partners feel sick?
  • Why my man has not changed his position for 6 years in a row?
  • At what moment to scratch male’s back in lovemaking?

Seriously, we didn’t even guess how cat influences the physical love of partners. How to love tree is also a mystery… Often requests about porn and sex are associated with religion and zodiac sign. Another popular topic is the search for the interpretation of erotic dreams or scenes seen in porn. From the requests, it is clear that most girls dream about sex with former, foreign men and … other girls.

In general, girls are interested in health and safety issues, looking for information about the cycle, pregnancy, and childbirth, they want to better understand the partner, learn to be attractive for him and surprise.

More Interesting Facts

But what about other statistics? In 2015, a study was published on the basis of several major porn resources which interests in the world of porn women have. As it turned out, women make up about 24% of the audience of porno-resources (f. e, in Russia this figure is 25%, and the largest data in the Philippines and Brazil are 35% in Both).

It turned out that the most popular sections of porn sites among women are “Lesbians”, “Gays” and “Big Penises”. And the most popular queries are “Lesbians”, “Threesome” and “Squirt”. In this regard, it is important to observe that women have little interest in the standard approach to porn which is focused on men and traditionally offers the prospect of an active guy and a passive girl. Most likely, women dare to consider not the plots where a guy fucks the girl for his pleasure, but that the girl gets pleasure from sex too. This way a feminist criticism of porn gets a plus to karma.

The most popular female for both men and women has been Kim Kardashian. She holds the first line with a large margin.